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Gemstone Jewelry Collection

Gemstone Jewelry 

Colored gemstone rings, earring and pendants

Dan’s L&L Fine Jewelry offers gemstone jewelry 

Exotic to Traditional Gemstones

Dan’s L&L Fine Jewelry sells all the traditional birthstone jewelry and also tanzanite, csarite, alexandrite, blue zircon, tourmaline, and spinel. Our selection is wide and always growing. 

Gemstones by Birth Month

January Garnet Eternal friendship, trust, loyalty
February Amethyst Clarity, quick-wittedness, royalty
March Aquamarine   “Seawater”, thought to protect sailors, calm, level-headedness
April Diamond Beauty, value, longevity
May Emerald Rebirth, foresight, good fortune, youth
June Pearl Unique, the only gem found in a living creature, requires no polishing or faceting
July Ruby Said to bestow health, wisdom, wealth, and success in love
August Peridot May increase confidence and assertiveness balanced by patience and clarity of thought
September      Blue Sapphire Said to protect loved ones from envy and harm, attracts heavenly blessings
October Opal From the Greek Opallos “to see a change of color”, beauty, transformation
November Citrine Healing quartz, supports vitality, guides hope, energy and warmth
December Blue Topaz Power to protect the body and mind from harmful energy and attracts wealth and wisdom
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